More Photos of the authors at the official rededication of the American Air Museum in Britain, at Duxford, Essex, United Kingdom, September 27th, 2002
  Pres. Bush Arrival
The arrival of George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, at Duxford 27 September 2002

The President...
  Mr. Bush's head can be seen just to the right of the three gray-haired heads by the door of the aircraft.
 The President
The President arrives with his entourage.

[Dennis Miller-type caption: "Agent O'Malley hated it when the president chose the Mexican dinner on the flight over."] Sorry... couldn't resist!
  The President and the Duke of Kent graciously signed programs and photographs for Museum Founding Members and their guests.
  The Author and Maj. Lyle F. Padilla
The author and Maj. Lyle F. Padilla after our interview with reporter Tim Sadleir of the Herts & Essex Newspapers Ltd.
 Speaker's Platform
The President, HRH The Prince of Wales, and the Duke of Kent.
The President observes the crowd.
 The Prince
Awaiting the official start of the rededication, the Prince of Wales checks his watch as President Bush looks on.
More waiting  
"Almost time to start, Mr. President..."
Going over notes
During the introductions, HRH reviews his notes.
 The President Speaks
 The President speaks...
A Laugh
 "Who ever said that life is fair? Saddam Hussein still has a job and I'm out of work!"

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